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Automobile Racing in the Heart of the Upper Peninsula

NASA Rally Sport
Hardwood Cup Rally


Hardwood, Michigan 49807

75+ stage miles with fewer than 10 transit miles!

NASA Rally Sport
CUP Iron Mule Rally

Felch, Michigan 49831

90+ stage miles with fewer than 10 transit miles!

  • Entrants must conform to rules and regulations of NASA Rally Sport.

  • Only vehicles that meet the requirements of GRR Sections 3 & 6 will be eligible in 2023.

  • Friday optional registration & open recce

  • Saturday registration & racing.


  • Volunteers are welcome and always needed. We appreciate our volunteers!

  • Marshals - run starts and finishes, spectator control, general assistance. Check out the Marshaling Guide below for more information. No experience needed!

  • Timing Controls

  • Service Coordination

  • Amateur Radio Operators help provide communications on the 2 meter band.


  • Hardwood Cup Rally  - CDT (Central Daylight Time)

  • CUP Iron Mule Rally  - CDT (Central Daylight Time)

  • Chairman  - Roger VanDamme - (734) 649-8526

  • Clerk of Course - Bill Westrick  - (616) 836-1035

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